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5 Services
Outdoor washing €25
Washing the benches €130
Internal cleaning €40
TORNADO incl. carpet washing, vacuuming €35
Internal cleaning Exterior cleaning, Interior cleaning, Carpet cleaning, Vacuuming, window washing, germ removal €60
4 Services
Waxing incl. outdoor wash €60
Hard wax incl. outdoor wash €99
Premium inside and outside washing, inside cleaning, vacuuming, windows and carpet washing €60
Shock incl. external washing, milling, hard waxing €170
Tire Services
4 Services
Tire change €30
Tire change and washing Outdoor washing, Tire change, Tire washing €55
Tire washing €10
Pressure check €5
3 Services
Winter washing Solvent wash. Light wax wash. Door gap wash. Windscreen wash €50
Refresh interior, exterior, interior, benches, floor washing €140
hard wax Offer Outdoor washing + hard waxing. standard €130 €99

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Do you want to make sure your car gets the best possible care? Book a car wash with us and give your car top-class treatment. We offer high-quality hand washing, tire changing and versatile car wash offers that suit all kinds of needs. Making a reservation with us is quick and easy. You can choose the services you want and the appointment time conveniently online. Our professional team makes sure that your car is taken care of in the best possible way. Give your car the care it deserves and book a car wash in the center of Tampere today!